Featured Yogie: Molly McCarthy A Positive Force in the New Bedford Community

Meet Molly McCarthy…2019 Boston Marathon Finisher, running coach, dog mom, Development Manager at the Ziterion of Performing arts, a positive force in the New Bedford Community!


Yoga, to me, means sanity and health!

Yoga is one of the many components of my life that I use to manage both physical and mental health. I notice that when I attend yoga classes regularly not only do I perform better as a runner, but I just feel better- I sleep better, I have more mental clarity, and my anxiety is low. That’s my round-about way of saying: Yoga, to me, means sanity and health!

How has yoga impacted your athletics: 

I was a ballet dancer for 14 years and that instilled in me a value for three things that I think a lot of runners and triathletes miss in their training: flexibility, body awareness, and balance.

Yoga is a great way to practice all three of those things to supplement my training. The sharpened awareness that comes with years of yoga practice really keeps me in tune with my body- I can tell instantly when something is not right, and am usually able to quickly resolve a problem that may become an injury by changing my form or working on strength.

Beyond the physical, Yoga has helped me with focus and clearing my mind, which is extremely beneficial when all you can think during a hard race or workout is how much it hurts!

Tell us about the Boston Marathon:

The Boston Marathon was really incredible! For me, the day started at 3am- even though I didn’t start running until 11am. That meant 5-ish hours on a bus, with limited ability to get out and walk around since it was a rainy morning. I was very thankful to have some yoga knowledge in my back pocket to stretch my legs and make the transition from bus to start line! I was also glad that during four months of training, I committed to Yoga at least twice a week. I know that helped keep me strong and healthy while racking up those miles.

The mental strength required for both running and yoga really came in handy during this race, when the temperature started to soar and miles 10-16 seemed endless. The last 5 miles of the race required absolute focus on my breathing and knowledge that pain, like everything, is temporary. 

 How do you apply Yoga concepts with in your community?

To be honest I don’t have a very in-depth knowledge of all the concepts of yoga on a technical level! I do try to be a positive force in the community by being kind to everyone, giving back to the community, working hard and staying humble. I’m so grateful for the yoga, running, and art communities in New Bedford so I do what I can to help them thrive and make an impact. 

 Anything else you want to share:

Just want to say thank you for providing the space and instruction to help me re-connect with yoga! You guys are the best!

Favorite class at Solshine: Yoga for Athletes

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