Workshops and Trainings

Upcoming Workshops and Trainings:

Every month we hold specialty workshops and classes in addition to our class schedule.  Workshops range in styles and include an array of topics, yoga and meditation styles, essential oils, reiki, and more!  Workshops & Classes are usually 60 -120 minutes and we guarantee it will be time well spent! It is an opportunity for our instructors to collaborate and work together, offering a unique experience.

Check out our upcoming schedule on the Mindbody app! Search for Solshine!

Yoga & Acupuncture
Sun, July 10th, 12:30-1:30pm $55
Sol Retreat: Full Moon Workshop
at Silvershell Beach
Fri, July 15th, 6pm-7:30pm $35
Sistership Circle
Sat, July 23rd, 12:30-2pm $35

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