Inverted Yoga with Abbe on December 15th

Not only are inversions a fun transitional tool to add to your practice toolkit, they are also important to finding a balanced asana practice. They challenge us mentally and physically by forcing us to slow down, find strength, courage and trust.

During this all-levels workshop we will build the basic framework for safe and sustainable inversions, specifically working with the anatomy and alignment in the shoulder girdle, core and bandhas as well as developing proper mindset and awareness.

While exploring variations in head stand, forearm balance and the ever-illusive handstand, we will investigate biomechanics of alignment and bone-stacking, at-home training techniques and exercise drills to strengthen and open your body for inversion practice.

Each participant will receive some one-on-one coaching from Abbe to meet individual needs.

Yoga Alliance Certified Continuing Education Course

Counts toward 5 training hours (5 CEUS)

Workshop Investment: $45

Workshop 2.5 – 3 Hours

Class time devoted to flow: 30 minutes

Class time devoted to lecture: 30 minutes

Class time devoted to workshopping: 90 minutes

Take home work in form of Inverted Yoga handbook: 120 minutes material.


Reserve your space on the Mindbody App and search for Solshine, or visit

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