Sol Sounds with Sarah and Alexis Oct 19th

42697471_351085422313189_2525833171145064448_n.jpgJoin Alexis and Sarah on Friday, Oct 19th 6:30pm-8pm,  for an evening of sound and relaxation. We will start with light stretching and breathing with essential oils, move into relaxing into sound, and leaving some time at the end for free play if anyone would like to try sounding themselves!

A sound meditation has the potential to recode and reprogram the brain. Indulging in harmonious sounds that enhance the human vibration allow the brain to disengage from habitual patterns and is a profound way to alleviate negative thoughts, emotions and energy. Sound healing shifts our brainwaves through entrainment to stable and harmonized frequencies.

When we entrain our fluctuating brainwaves synchronize bringing us from the average beta state to an alpha state (relaxed) opening and reaching up to theta (meditative sleep) & delta (deep sleep enhancing deep healing).
Anyone can take part in this practice, it requires minimal effort and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a session.

Sarah and Alexis are both 200 hour Registered Yoga Teachers, and Certified in Energy Medicine and Sound Healing.

90 mins cost:$25

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