Our EforAll Southcoast Experience


From June-August, we were fortunate enough to be picked and have participated in the EforALL Southcoast 2018 Summer Accelerator program.  

What is it you ask? A 12 week program that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to move their businesses forward, followed by nine months of additional support. During the program there are classes taught by EforAll staff and professionals in the Southcoast business community, volunteer mentors, and an opportunity to share a $20K Prize Pool.

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) Finalists receive three months of incredible mentorship & weekly workshops, free office space, access to technical experts, and so much more.

As we were just starting our business, it was a big commitment we made, especially in the busy summer time!  But it made sense to do it while we waited for construction around us to be completed.

We made the commitment to our business and our growth.  That included:

  • Attended classes with fellow EforAll business twice a week
  • Connected with Mentors on a weekly basis for 90 minutes.

Ahh, our mentors – Ruth Chicca, Tanya Rivera-Falcone and Dr. Jackie Einstein.

The mentorship alone, was incredibly rewarding.  Having 3 professionals on your side, helping you each week is amazing.  Providing feedback, suggestions, and encouragement, our mentors were our favorite people for 3 very busy months.  They always reminded us to be ourselves, to do what’s best for our customer, and to keep pushing through.  We can proudly say we have 3 new friends for life!  We love you!!

Our leaders –  Athena and Jeremiah, brought comedic relief to many overwhelming days.  They were both extremely supportive and encouraging throughout the process and we will miss you both!  We know we’ll see them both around the community they are working so hard to help build.  Love you guys too!

To our amazing cohort – the other businesses who were at every class learning right along with us.  Thank you for your friendship, feedback, and partnership.  You all have helped us grow as entrepreneurs in your own way.  It was a great group to be a part of!

We were lucky enough to have been rewarded $2000 from the program so far, that we will be using to install electric heat to keep our classes toasty warm this winter.  This means the world to us since we are starting out and have invested so much of our time, sweat and money already.  What a blessing from the Universe.  And where intention goes, energy flows and creates dreams come true!  For all you dreamers and creative doers out there – remember there ARE resources in our community and there are still good people in the world looking to make a difference.

Thank you to everyone! We hope we can serve you all in return.  You’re all invited to our Grand Opening Celebration which will be happening soon!  Stay in touch!!

xoxo – Sarah and Erin

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