Magic = Energy + Intention

Magic is also known as Manifestation! Many times in a yoga class you may be asked to set an intention.

The term intention actually has 2 definitions:

1. a thing intended; an aim or plan and

2. In medicine it is known as the healing process of a wound.


How interesting! Whether its yoga, reiki, energy medicine, sound healing etc., Magic and Healing happens when we put our energy into an intention. The connection between our brain and our body is so powerful and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the power that we truly have. So having the plan to “relax” or “release” or whatever it is you need to feel happier and lighter, having that intention and just showing up to your next class or workshop or home workout is doing just that.

Just make sure you know the reasons why you are putting your energy into the things or people you choose!

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