Reiki II Training September 16th, 2018

Reiki II Training with Erin is happening Sunday, Sept 16th 12-5pm. Cost is $175. Reserve your space on the @mindbody app. Search for Solshine ☀️

Raise your spiritual awareness and increase your Reiki energy channeling abilities in the Reiki II training. You will receive two powerful Reiki Second Degree Attunements and learn the sacred techniques and symbols for the expansion of healing energy. You will immediately become a more powerful healer.

Reiki II training will include learning a brief review and practice of Reiki I. An experiential yoga and meditation practice to connect to your chakras. You will learn the three Reiki symbols known as the “Sacred Keys” that unlock and activate the higher Reiki energies. You will learn what each symbol represents, how it works and practice using the symbols and techniques. You will also learn the opening and closing spirals to start and end each practice.

Each participant will receive a binder with information to take home and a certificate of completion. Healthy snacks that nourish your chakras will be provided!

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